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Top Kangaroo Island Wineries

South Australia is well known for its extensive selection of stunning wine regions with some of the biggest name wineries in areas such as the Barossa and Clare Valley as well as the Adelaide Hills. Newly emerged however in recent years is the Kangaroo Island wine region, just a few hours ferry ride away from the mainland.


Kangaroo Island Wine

There are over 200 hectares under vines on Kangaroo Island, with the wines increasingly known for their strong fruit flavours and intense colours.

The climate on the island is temperate with relatively modern conditions throughout the year meaning that the grapes ripen over an extended period of time.

The excellent wines from Kangaroo Island can be enjoyed alongside some of the stunning food and produce you’ll be able to find – both in restaurants and local markets. Alternatively, you can sample many of the wines at some of the island’s Cellar Doors.

Kangaroo Island Luxury

Wineries to try on Kangaroo Island:

  1. Dudley Wines

This is one of Kangaroo Island’s original wineries. The beautiful outdoor area overlooks the area of water that separates Kangaroo Island from the mainland at Cape Jervis, known as Backstairs Passage. Dudley Wines offers the perfect setting to enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting and their cellar door is open every day of the week.


  1. Wheeler Creek Wines

If you’re a fan of white wines, you’ll want to make a visit to Wheeler Creek wines. It is the most Western vineyard on Kangaroo Island and it benefits from the cooler climate condition that allow optimum white wine production. Open throughout the week, you can also enjoy delicious fresh food here.


  1. The Islander Estate

There’s something very special about sampling wines in a classic barrel room, and there’s a real sense of history and expertise at this stunning winery. Originally developed by famous French winemaker Jacques Lurton this five star winery also offers excellent guided tours.


  1. Bay of Shoals Wines

As the name suggests, this winery offers breathtaking views over the Bay of Shoals and Reeves point. It has an excellent selection of Rose wines on offer as well as strong Rieslings if you prefer white wine. Everything is beautifully maintained and all the vines are hand pruned.


  1. Sunset Winery

This is one of the island’s oldest wineries and is an absolute must for those keen to spot some of the island’s best wildlife. Sunset Winery is located deep amidst the native bushland of the island and you have a good chance of seeing kangaroos, unique bird species and possibly an elusive echidna. The restaurant is peaceful and serves a variety of local produce, whilst the sea views over the Eastern Cove are truly magical.

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